Xiamen Yixingda Plastic Co.,Ltd.


Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities






YXD matches the most cost effective means of production with each part, family of parts or complete assembly of products to bring the customer the lowest cost of ownership.

  • 60 Ton to 780 Ton Capacity with machine repeatability of 0.0005” and true closed loop control to all machine functions leads to lower variations in part weight and critical dimensions using all-electric injection machines.
  • Over molding
  • Lights-Out, 24/7 Operation
  • Short & Long Production Runs
  • Specializing in high heat, filled, engineered resins, elastomers and all commodity resins
  • Preventative Mold Maintenance Program
  • Process Validation
  • Lot Traceability
  • Planning, Scheduling & Process Monitoring
  • Dew Point Controlled Facilities (for hydroscopic sensitive materials)
  • On site or local proximity to the customer molding to reduce part cost by eliminating transportation cost, reducing packaging & inventory cost.
  • In-house mould workshop , help customer  reduce the mould making cost and maintaining charge.
  • Secondary operation that includes, Hot Stamping, Machining, Heat Staking,ARC welding, Ultrosonic Welding ,gluing, plating,coating,painting & Part Assembly