Xiamen Yixingda Plastic Co.,Ltd.


Quality Capabilities

    • ISO9001 Registered
    • ISO/TS 16949 Registered
    • ISO 14001 Registered
    • “PPAP” Program = APQP, PFMEA, Quality Control Plans, etc…
    • First Article Inspection Report
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Capability Studies
    • Process Validation Studies
    • Fully documented inspection plans and procedures
    • ERP System Software
    • Job review, and process set-up controls
    • Document control
    • Continuous improvement program
    • Corrective & Preventative Action System
    • Non-Conforming Material/Tool control
    • Documented shipping Instructions
    • Calibration Control System
    • Internal Auditing Program
    • Our Quality Department is fully equipped with the latest measuring devices including: Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) & Optical Measuring Machine…
    • Regulatory Compliance Program

Plastic Design Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008  Registered:
YXD has an established and maintained QMS that is driven by our continuous improvement initiative. Our commitment to best practices for improving the quality of our products, processes, and business partnerships  has made us an icon in our industry. 

Product Realization:
As a  leading professional supplier of  plastic injection in our area, we have adopted QS / TS Quality tools for our everyday operations. From the PPAP kick off of the Advanced Product Quality Planning meeting 1, with our customer participation to establish what is critical to quality, through to the customer part approval process.

Process Control:
YXD has proven systems for Validating and Sustaining our products and processes. These are the key to maintaining the Quality our customers demand. We have Manufacturing visibility and materials traceability throughout the organization. This is achieved by using ERP Software that is a comprehensive operations management, distribution, and financial management tool set. Maintaining and Monitoring is achieved through our comprehensive; operation sheets, production & quality work instructions, mold and machine maintenance, and surveillance auditing. All these processes enable us to consistency produce quality products.

Regulatory Compliance:
Global regulatory compliance is a necessary part of our business environment. YXD operations comply with the RoHS directives as well as ,SGS,REACH,FDA. We maintain an internal compliance system for Certificates of Compliance, RoHS Compliance, and Material Composition Declarations IPC 1752-1.

Supply Chain Management:
Development of suppliers is a critical aspect of achieving a consistent product. The foundation of any quality product starts with the quality materials going into it.